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Bigbangdiscounts welcome all hardworking and knowledge-seeking people. I hope you all are doing well and, I also believe that you all will be rich one day, but remember to keep your goal as much specific as it can be. It will help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible. Another important thing you have to make sure of is that what are you going to do with that money, Is it just about yourself? If it is just about yourself then you will be rich may be a millionaire but not on the highest level these two pieces of advice are common in many of the best author’s best-selling books dealing with the topic How can you become a millionaire?

Now come back to our topic as you have developed an understanding of the domain and web hosting and, now you’re thinking of starting your blog or online store. This blog will give you the best idea in choosing your domain name and its TLD.

Selecting My Domain Name

Let’s start with my journey as a bigbangdiscounts owner and I want to mention one thing my website is not too old just a few months ago I was also choosing a domain name for my website, I researched a lot and I hope that research will benefit you more than I took benefit from my research.

Today, you can find too much content about how to write a blog on the internet and every writer has his or her success behind that content so their work is remarkable and I would suggest reading and spending time on the internet regarding the blog or online business will be helpful for you but every next day you are diving in a much more competitive pool. There are more than 31 million bloggers in the United States and the numbers are increasing every day and millions of web stores so you have to start something right now and for that, you do not need something that is far from you. Below mentioned are the five key steps for writing the first blog.

1-Your interest

Your domain name should be directly related to your interest so it’s very simple just think about the product or anything that you are interested in and can write or produce some good write-ups or creative content as soon as possible. Just like when I started to work as an affiliate I was thinking the name that can cover more areas because I don’t want my website to be specific for one store or product so I started thinking about the word that should be big so that it can represent many things as I was interested in multiple areas.

2-A catchy name for your interest

The first word I used was the bigbang because it is considered to be the biggest explosion of all time. The second thing was what I should attach to bigbang so that people can understand easily the purpose of my website, so I used discounts as we offer discount deals and special coupons from top brands so that people can buy with amazing money-saving bigbangdiscounts offers which usually most people don’t avail. In short, your blog name or website name should be related to your business interest, or in many cases, many successful people are using their name for their blog this is up to you but then you should be very focused and committed to your work and you will require more effort to make your name your website identity in place of your related business or interest.


Now coming towards the TLD (top-level domain name) the part of your domain name which comes after the “dot” symbol, for example, or (a premium quality domain and web hosting website), and many more.

TLD is very important and is directly related to your business or blog as it gives your customer a concept or even helps in remembering your website name let’s have a look at how it works

  • Blog audiences might enjoy TLDs that reflect their interest or topic to help their site stand out. Some of them are .TRAVEL, .REVIEWS, .COOL, .PICS, .RECIPES and many more to choose from.
  • For business professionals, domains like .COM, .CO, .LTD, .LLC, .STORE, .PARTNERS and .BIZ might be better ones to highlight their business.
  • If you are looking for some high-end, prestigious domains, expensive TLDs like .GAME, .INC, or .CEO will boost your earnings to another level.
  • A techy audience and online developers might like domains such as .TECH, .IO, .SITE, .AI, .SOFTWARE or .APP.

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5-Communication With Vendors

Last important thing is to find vendors related to the products or services described by your blog so that they can take advantage from your blogs and in return you will earn commission.

One more thing I would like to mention just for the encouragement of my readers is that when I just broke the ice and started working with all I had I was able to earn my first commission after doing only 10% of the work that I aimed to do in my first month.

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