Is online shopping safe? 5 tips for safe online shopping




There are many reasons to love the bustle of shops; some people like to walk along the beautiful corridors’ of big malls and enjoy the theme of big shops and outlets while others may like to purchase things after checking them physically. But do you like standing outside stores in long queues with strangers? Accompanied by deafening noises that block out important conversations and ideas. Moreover, many of us spend much of our time at the shops, wandering through the aisles. How about buying something with a click of a button and having it delivered to your door. Safe online shopping isn’t just the way of the future—it’s here already.

Whether for people who say they dislike it or those who buy anything from food to electronics, online shopping is unavoidable when purchasing certain items. Here are some essential tips to remember when shopping online.

5 top tips for safe online shopping

1- Prefer shopping at well-known websites

Before checkout, look at the URL of a website. It should start with https:// it means that the website is using SSL which makes sure that the data that you enter is passing through a secure server. Search engines also promote websites with SSL because it makes online shopping safe and secure and customers face no difficulties while spending a lot of money for shopping on these websites.  

Cybercriminals can easily set up good-looking websites to take your money and make you think you’re making a real purchase. Look at the ratings on dedicated customer review sites before you shop on a site for the first time. If the website is managed by Fraudsters you will find angry reviews by the shoppers who didn’t get their orders and got no response after asking for a refund.

2- Protect your devices

480 new threats are created each minute. Sometimes you browse through unreliable websites even for something that is not very important for you but you should protect what matters. Devices all across the world are bearing 260 malware attacks per minute. There are free versions or light versions of the best antivirus software like McAfee which can be very useful for your devices. So even if you don’t browse unreliable websites, it will help your PC against viruses.

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3- Keep your online shopping private

You can get rid of the annoying advertisers following you and showing ads everywhere. Plus you can also use forward-thinking online privacy tech to delete all cookies and your web browsing history with a single click. It will also stop online price increases when you look at products and services online. CCleaner is amazing for online privacy, download a CCleaner free version or get CCleaner coupons and CCleaner deals.

4- Strong passwords

Strong passwords are indeed the basic and one of the most important ways to improve your security. All good websites will suggest you, use combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers and even there is a bar that shows the strength of your password. Don’t use the same password for every site, change your password regularly when you shop. Use a password generator to make things easy.

5- Be cautious while sharing your details

No well-known website will ask for your bank details or personal details separately or by email. If any website asks you to submit details other than checkout ignore the message and leave that website. You often check your bank balance before online shopping, When you do this, keep an eye on your online banking homepage. Access your banking page from a trusted device or computer.


Cybersecurity is a serious issue, download the free version of CCleaner or read more about the easy and useful features of CCleaner professional if you use a laptop or computer with important details or a shared PC. Enjoy big savings on software and tech products from trusted websites, visit the Bigbangdiscounts homepage now.

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