How to shop online safely? Black Friday and Cyber Monday!



How to shop online safely
How to shop online safely

Can you guess the names of the biggest online shopping festivals? Without any doubt, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these names come to your mind. Whether you look forward to them or do not care, Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide a great opportunity to save a lot of money, while buying gifts for family, friends, or shopping online for yourself. That’s the good side, but All that glitters is not gold, cybercrime has caused $6 trillion in damages this year. It is very important to take care of your online security and privacy, and to know how to shop online safely?

During this covid situation, shopping online may be the only option available. This blog is full of useful information and may be very helpful to all the readers.

Top Tips to take care of your online privacy and security

Follow the tips for safe online shopping, make sure to implement them as soon as possible, and enjoy worry-free online shopping.

1- Safe Online Shopping Sites

Use familiar websites for shopping that have secure connections. Firstly check a padlock icon and ‘https:// on the address bar of your web browser. If you find it there then you are probably safe. But that’s not the only thing, the second thing to notice is that if the unfamiliar website asks for payment information outside the checkout, do not continue your shopping. See the reviews and followers on different platforms if you find it convincing then you are shopping with a safe and familiar website. Our blog cheapest and best hosting website will help website owners to improve customer privacy and security on the internet.

2- Clear your digital footprints

Another important thing is your digital footprints. When you visit any website or any social media platform, you may leave some information like your IP address or the information you put to log in to a website. These trails are called digital footprints. These web browser cookies (digital footprints) are not bad all the time. For example, they help websites to load faster on your browser. However, they can also be the cause of an increase in the prices, when you regularly visit any website because of the stored cookies or digital footprints. The easiest way to clear your digital footprints across popular web browsers is to try CCleaner which can delete both active footprints or passive footprints.

There are two types of digital footprints.

A- Active footprint

An active footprint is made when you deliberately use some information about yourself on websites or social media sites like when you logged into a site for commenting or posting. It’s easy to find out more about you from the trails you leave behind. 

B- Passive footprint

These are the footprints of your digital activity stored in the database without your knowledge. This may include your IP address or from which device you performed an activity or where you came from.

3- Be careful of unsure or confusing communications

Remember, If something seems ‘off,’ then it probably is. When online shoppers get busy, so do identity thieves, and other threats start lurking everywhere. They try to engineer such situations to encourage people to share their banking details or passwords, and they do it in a very professional way. They claim to be well-known brands that ask for passwords or details. Use your ability to understand the situation instinctively. Cybercriminals try to take advantage of your forgetfulness too, among other tactics. You may receive odd text messages, calls, or emails regarding the receipt of an order which you never purchased that asks you to confirm account details. So be careful of unsure communications.

4- Strong passwords to secure accounts

The Scammers are becoming smarter they may predict your passwords once they find any clue from your trail. We normally use easy or convenient usernames and passwords for online shopping account. Try to compare your password with the criteria given below to improve and strengthen your passwords.

How to create a strong password for online shopping?

1- A mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters

2- Use symbols and lots of characters (up to maximum count available)

3- Avoid regular keyboard patterns or the name you normally use while creating an account for online shopping.

Use two steps verification or 2FA to add an extra layer of security to your online account.

5- Use private browsing for online shopping

Set the private browsing setting on your browser, this will solve some of the problems above. In addition to cleaning your search history, it usually clears cookies too, once you finish the browsing session. If you want to hide your online activity from your family members or friends, this browser setting is useful, especially when you plan to buy a surprise gift for someone or simply want to shop online safely, etc.

6- Keep yourself secure online using CCleaner browser

Every disease has a cure, try the CCleaner browser, built specially to protect your online presence. The browser uses an “Anti-Phishing” tool. This tool checks every issue related to your visited web pages. There may be a long list of dangerous websites to check for issues. Moreover, it will automatically stop websites from installing harmful software on your PC. This browser is very secure as it removes cookies, left on your PCs by the websites you visit. If you want to learn more about the features and importance of this browser, visit CCleaner for online security. Visit our CCleaner coupons category to enjoy discounts and coupons for CCleaner products.

7- Use CCleaner to delete cookies when shopping online

CCleaner is not just a browser, you can download the app and CCleaner software also. With the CCleaner software, or CCleaner app you can easily delete all the cookies or digital trails. You can use CCleaner Health Check or Custom Clean options to do this.

8- Internet security with VPN

The web can be a dangerous place, as cybercrime caused $6 trillion in damages this year. If you want to shop online safely then VPN is one of the best options. The VPN is a service that creates an encrypted connection for customers or business people to use so that they can connect to the Internet securely. The VyprVPN is doing great in terms of both online security or browsing speed. 

If you want to read more about the features and services, click here The Most Trusted VPN Service and if you want to get massive discounts then visit our coupon category VyprVPN Coupons.


In conclusion, we would like to highlight two main functions of the CCleaner browser that will help you in doing safe online shopping or in protecting your online privacy. 

The first tool stops advertising and analytics websites from following you. So they may use you as their targeted audience. The second will keep you more private because it hides your unique browser configuration. However, to access certain websites, you have to turn off some privacy settings to allow cookies to save on your browser. In this case, it is better to clear browsing data immediately after finishing the session.

Thanks for reading this blog, Bigbangdiscounts has all the money-saving solutions for you, and all the coupons and deals that we offer are from trusted and well-known websites.

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