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Welcome to the comprehensive review for the best dashcams for your cars, trucks, motorbikes, and home security. Get all the information about the top dash cams available in the market. Catch amazing deals for the best dash cams, so that you can buy them with more happiness.

Why do I need a dash cam?

Dashcams are becoming more and more important with time. Dash cams are playing an important role in people’s life. They record videos and photos which can be strong proof when you are involved in an accident. Despite everything that’s happened this year, 2021 was a pretty good year when it comes to dashcams or trail cams. Many new best dash cams hit the market & each of them proving to us that dash cams are more than just recording cameras for cars but they are becoming more versatile smart devices with some of the best features installed in them. Check out our rexing coupon codes category after reading this blog to save huge up to 50% off on the best dash cams you should buy for your cars.

Best dashcams

Rexing Dashcams

Rexing is one of the top dash cam sellers in the North America Market. The company is not just working on the designs to be more and more vehicle and user friendly with the strong cases and perfect display, but they are also taking the technology of lenses and inside features to the next level. As dash cams are no longer just devices for recording the traffic ahead, these are smart versatile devices that every driver should have in their cars or trucks. They are creating some of the best and useful devices for cars, trucks, motorcycles whether it may be a 4k dashcam or dashcam front and rearview.

Featured Products

Rexing v1, rexing v1p pro, rexing v3 dual camera, rexing v5, and rexing v1p plus are some of their best-selling products. Mirror dash cams are also very useful and are becoming popular day by day like rexing m1, rexing m1 pro, or rexing m2. All the cameras have the best build quality and all the latest features. The rexing store is also gaining market in trail cams they have some of the best models like rexing h1 trail camera, rexing b1 night vision binoculars, and rexing woodland h2 they are helping people not just in terms of protection point of view but they are becoming a great source of income for vloggers and you can find really good reviews on youtube or internet. Now let’s begin our review for the best dash cams for cars, trucks, or motorbikes.

Best Dual Dash Cam Rexing V3

best dual dash cam

Features: Rexing V3 Dual Camera Front and Inside Cabin Infrared Night Vision Full HD 1080p WiFi Car Taxi Dash Cam with Built-in GPS | Supercapacitor | 2.7″ LCD Screen | Parking Monitor | Mobile App


Dual Camera With Night Vision

The best front and rear dash cam with night vision. It has one camera in front and one camera inside the cabin. Let’s first talk about the front camera. It has a 170-degree angle view that films at default 1080p full HD at 30 frames per second, is open up to capture sweeping views of their surroundings.

A top-quality wifi dash cam, you don’t need to think too much with the recording settings but you might want to change the date and time or you can sync it straight up to your phone through its onboard Wi-Fi and make sure you have the right time zone listed.


One major feature of the Rexing V3 dash camera is the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), you cannot find this system in many of the dash cams. Rexing V3 has the most involved dash cams that you can ever possibly see in any camera so far. Most ADAS systems usually signal that you are not changing lanes and cutting somebody off but this one signals dangers on the roads and gauges distances too more often than any other camera, so its placement is very important so that it can only detect real road dangers.

Super-Fast Capacitor

It has a super-fast capacitor which is another important feature of this camera that can operate up to 70 degrees Celsius anywhere in America or any other part of the world. It has g sensor as well for full parking capture mechanics.

170-Degree Ultra-Wide

Now let’s talk about the in-cabin camera. It has a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens that can easily cover the maximum inside area of your vehicle. It is an important feature for those who want to capture the goings-on inside your car or for fear inside your vehicle for the sake of safety because you have the best truck and car dash camera front and rear 1080p view.

Infrared Night Vision

The powerful infrared night vision captures a clear image, no matter how much or how little light there is. Footages are very clean, very crisp, and can be accessed. It is perfect for someone who does a lot of ride-sharing.

Best Value Dashcam Rexing V1-4K

best value dash cam

Features: Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4″ LCD Screen | Wi-Fi | 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor | WDR | Loop Recording | Supercapacitor | Mobile App | 256GB Supported


4K Resolution

With 4K resolution, the V1 Dash camera can shoot exquisite and clear images with rich color and high-contrast performance. The Rexing dashcam captures license plates even while driving fast or in low light conditions making this one of the best dashcams front and rear.

170-Degree Ultra-Wide-lens

With its 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, you can mount the camera nearly anywhere and still capture the entirety of the road. The camera automatically adapts by fine-tuning the exposure of the camera to create balanced images and footage. It contains a higher-end camera that is extraordinary for a dashcam with the ability to record and shoot 4k.

Supercapacitor Battery

Rexing V1-4K has the capacity of 256GB with parking assist mode and a supercapacitor battery that is built-in that if somebody hits your vehicle car or truck, it will automatically engage for 20 seconds and starts to film. You can connect the Rexing app with the dash camera and watch all recordings on your mobile phone.

GPS Logger

Playback your video using the comprehensive GPS Logger software interface to see real-time information about your speed, location, and more.

This Rexing V1-4K has all the reasons to be one of the best dash cams available in the market.

Best Mirror Dash Cam Rexing M1

best budget dash cam

Features: Rexing M1 HD Dual Channel | Rear View Mirror Dash Cam | 10” IPS Touch Screen | 1296p + 720p | Wide Angle | Streaming Media | Recorder DVR with Rear Camera | G-Sensor | Loop Recording | Backup Camera


Touch Screen

Now, this is the smartest and the most useful car or truck gadget. The Rexing M1 HD mirror cam 1296p + 720p display screen gives you the chance to set the view with your fingertips. Moreover, It has an adjustable 10” IPS Touch Screen which is extremely useful for car drivers. 

Sony Sensor Chip

It has a super sensor chip of Sony, even in extremely low light conditions, it can captures and records videos with quality details. 

1080p Rear Camera

Rexing M1 2k quality front camera and 1080p rear camera captures crystal clear images whether it be day or night, to protect your valuable assets. Most importantly, when you’re away from your car it’s 24 hours Parking monitor that keeps eye on your vehicle.

G Sensor

It has a G sensor that detects any event related to collision and video will be automatically locked. With its loop recording function, when the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings.

Best Dash Cam Front And Rare Rexing S1 Pro

Best dash cams

Features: Rexing S1 Pro Enhanced Dash Cam 3-Channel Front, Rear, Cabin 1080P+1080p+1080p | 3” LCD | Built-in 64GB Memory | GPS | Infrared Night Vision | Parking Monitor | APP | Wi-Fi | 170°Angle | Loop Recording | Sony Sensor


3-Channel Dash Cam All 1080p

The most advanced and the most enhanced car dashcam package. Firstly, it has 3 cameras which can record simultaneously at 1080p. The front camera, inside cabin camera, and rear camera provide you with the best view and details for ultimate rideshare.

Secondly, the 170-degree ultra-wide lens easily covers all the surroundings of any vehicle. It will record any incident, occurring from any position. In addition, 24 hours parking surveillance mode will auto switches the dash camera as soon as it detects any vibration. Feel relax after parking your car as it has built-in High Speed 64GB Memory which is 10 times more powerful than the normal SD card.

Superior Night Vision Technology

The Rexing S1 Pro uses Superior Night Vision Technology that will record clearer footage and images. Even if there is completely dark inside your cabin, it has 4 infrared lights which will provide a clear and top-quality recording of the whole cabin. This feature distinguishes this dashcam from ordinary dashcams, making this camera among the top and best dash cams available in the market.

G Sensor & Loop Recording

Rexing S1 Pro has a g sensor, it will automatically lock the video if any incident. The clear footage will be strong proof for your truck, car, or taxi. The loop recording comes into use automatically when the device storage is full. The old videos are overwritten at that instant, but the locked videos from the g sensor are kept safe as long as you want.

Wifi & Mobile App

You can easily transfer all the videos from your trips in your car, truck, or taxi because of its built-in wifi and mobile app. Just connect your smartphone or tablet and share the videos easily from rexing S1 Pro.

Best Buy Action Camera Rexing A1

Best Dash cams

Features: Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera | Front & Back 1080p@30fps | Wi-Fi Connect | Wide Angle | Wrist Remote Control | Sony IMX307 Sensor | Waterproof | Extreme Sports Camcorder | For Motorcycles, Bicycle, Sport Bike, Hiking, Cars


Two Way Action Camera With 360 Style

Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera is an action camera with some dash cam features and a little bit of 360 camera stuff. It’s really a unique product. People are using it on a selfie stick and taking some of the best pictures because it has the wrist Remote Control feature. It is an action camera so it should be used in a way to capture the best action moments like putting it on something like your Motorcycles, Bicycle, Sport Bike, Hiking, Cars, and Golf carts.

GoPro Mount Adopter

A GoPro mount adopter that they give you to fix this easily on anything. It has Front And Back 1080p@30fps cameras that work like a dashcam with ultra-wide-angle view capture.

Rexing A1 includes a large array of accessories including, mounting parts, quick release clip, remote control, USB cable & charger.

Time-lapse Recording

If You want to capture some of the best action moments while riding your motorbike mount this camera on your dashboard or helmet in a way that it can cover maximum area and you can make the best time-lapse and travel videos and use them to get millions of views on youtube and social media.

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